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Legacy Software

Updating or maintaining old software is expensive. Upgrading to modern software on modern hardware systems can be a nightmare. KCglobal provides the solutions that eliminate the problems associated with these updates or upgrades.

Losing access to legacy software systems is a scary concept, especially if your business relies on these systems to operate. KCglobal’s legacy software rescue means you can maintain older operating systems and software without the need to upgrade.

Some common problems associated with legacy software include:

  • Your development team has moved on and can no longer maintain or update your legacy system
  • Technologies evolve (operating systems, programming languages, etc.)
  • New priorities have taken the focus and business processes have changed
  • There are too many apps to support creating an overwhelming level of work
  • The development environment has reached its end of life
  • The application should be retired but you still need to export the data.


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