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Integral Solution

Having a well-functioning ERP/CRM system is crucial. However, allowing it to speak to your internal business software is vital to your business’s success.

At KC Global, we provide integration services for enterprise solutions. We have a strong technical background that allows us to tailor the integration process to your exact requirements. We have worked with and integrated the following extensive business applications with ERP:

Our Cloud ERP & Accounting solutions and Managed IT Services will take your efficiency, performance, and profitability to new heights.

with KC Global, Whether you are a discrete or batch process manufacturer, by implementing a modern Cloud ERP solution you will unify your processes and support growth, streamline your processes and deliver meaningful insights into your manufacturing operations.

Salesforce Integration Services
Salesforce integration services strive to integrate Salesforce products to other business-critical platforms smoothly. KC Global uses its extensive CRM services knowledge to assist businesses in overcoming integration difficulties of any complexity and developing cost-effective Salesforce integrations.

SAP ERP Integration Services
Bring the speed and power of SAP to all of your business tools by consulting an expert about the perfect integrations for your unique workflows.
Enhance How You Use Your ERP With The Perfect SAP System Integration
Integrating SAP with other business software is a smart decision, but it can get complicated. Simplify this process with expert consultants.


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